We research, invent, design, create … projects for a better world.

∗ We are ’think tank’ and ‘do tank’ – we develop the ideas and we perform actions for a better world.

∗ We do activities contributing to a better world.

∗ We promote action for the better world.

∗ We promote understanding ∗ consciousness ∗ empathy ∗ love ∗ peace ∗ harmony


∗ We perform scientific Research that aim to contribute to creating a Better World

∗ we promote Social Development ~ For a Better World

∗ we promote Personal Development ~ For a Better World

∗ we promote positive Social Change

∗ we perform many Projects For a Better World

∗∗∗ here we give some key-word-like description

for more info we invite you to our think tank website (coming soon)∗∗∗

some of our projects are:

∗ Interaction Spaces ∗ Atelier Accorda ∗ Interactions Atelier ∗ Social Spaces ∗ Bringing Harmony ∗ Ethics and Aesthetics ∗ Art 4 Aesthetics ∗Networking for a Better World ∗ Sharing For a Better World ∗”Think Tank and Do Tank” -ing various Activities and Meetings ∗ Contributing to Open ( Science ∗ Culture ∗ Education ∗ Research ∗ Collaboration ∗ Sharing ∗ Government ∗ … ) Movements ∗ Open Publications ∗ Supporting and contributing to projects like Open Source, Free Software, Open Knowledge, Creative Commons Licences, MakeSense, etc… and similar community projects ∗ Supporting global and local activism and activities for a better world ∗

other values, activities, attitudes…  we promote in our projects:

∗ Eco Living ∗ Sustainability ∗ Respect To Nature ∗ Peaceful Activism ∗ Meditation ∗ Spirituality ∗ Consciousness ∗ Open Dialog ∗ Collaboration instead of Competition ∗ Support for LightWorkers (doing good, being positive) and WayShowers (helping to find good directions to evolve and develop) ∗Open Mind ∗Living From The Heart ∗Awareness ∗ new economy – free economy ∗ everyone is unique ∗ flexible working – natural health – balance – efficiency and healthy comfort ∗balanced comfort zone – creating healthy comfort space ∗ problem solving – creative ∗ teaching sharing skills ∗ availability ∗ ethics and esthetics ∗ improving attitude and approach and accountability ∗ promoting leadership for development ∗ promoting new paradigms for a better world ∗ making impact making a difference ∗ up-grade – making things better ∗ conscious product design and production – eco and ethical ∗ informed individual – making all information about the product and production available ∗ all interconnected ∗ networking and meetings ∗ helping creating good leadership in projects ∗ PR and promoting valuable projects ∗ involving people ∗ thinking (talking) and acting together ∗ flexible action depending what is most important ∗ pay it forward – (not just writing projects for next years and then they are outdated) – acting now and doing what it important now ∗ all human ‘rights’ without money – no many necessary to live ∗ open dialog about everything ∗ sharing not possessing, taking care and responsibility, not just using ( land, ‘things’, etc…) ∗ increasing social and individual consciousness and awareness ∗




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