my notes about the bwcd project

my notes on the bwcd project
bwcd – about the project
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  • This is a draft and a work in progress…. we talked a lot so we know what we want but it’s hard to describe it in few sentences … : )
  • PS. if you are here at this point, you probably also know what it’s all about : )
what is bwcd
it’s a working name we use if we need it to communicate something
bwcd is an unbranded project that can mean : Best We Can Do
and via the unDojo project was translated as Beautiful Wiki Community Dojo
but we don’t want to brand things, so it’s all about what we actually want/do/are as individuals 
we want to facilitate better collaboration in making meaningful things and projects happen
we would like to build an intentional community of people who want to improve things in society and in the world in general
Lisbon Space 
we want to establish a connecting base in the Lisbon area, in Cascais, because of it’s unique location and qualities
to host spontaneous events and bring like minded people together 
Land in Portugal
we want to build innovative eco-buildings in the natural spaces in Portugal, to bring more innovations, culture, and activities to the rural areas 
co- working and co-living spaces
we want to establish co-working and co-living spaces in Portugal and network with the spaces around the world, to facilitate making meaningful projects happen 
we want to build ‘intentional community’ in Portugal and around the world, with the aim of working better together on the local and global scale 
We would like to facilitate evolution of this community and other similar communities with building and spaces to host the community members to work on meaningful projects together 
Specifics of the project – Principles, Common Values
Healthy Spaces ( in physical and emotional sense )
Healthy Relationships between people 
Respecting people’s preferences and uniqueness 
We would like to develop better solutions for applying solar energy 
Use the water efficiently and healthy , possibly collecting rain water 
Making things ecologically, possibly making things from Bamboo 
Growing food ecologically and healthy , aquaculture and agriculture workshops 
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