Cascais Connecting Base Space

some notes on Cascais connecting base space
Cascais Connecting Base Space
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Cascais connecting base is supposed to serve as a place to host our events, invite people to visit or stay, make people familiar with our project, get more people involved, build a community around it 
we also plan to do good research on the available land to get for free and build a bigger thing there, but it will take few weeks or months of research, talking to many people, arrangements, legal issues, waiting for permissions to build, to move in, to install new technologies, etc … so we need a connecting base to make the progress faster and to make it right.
Cascais is a unique place with unique qualities
it’s located in a natural areas, by the ocean, and Natural Park Cascais Sintra
it has the least of all Lisbon surroundings humidity problems
the air is most fresh and pure 
also not much pollution in the air 
It’s very well connected to Lisbon and Lisbon airport, so it’s easy to get to via public transport, and very quick by car ( half an hour to the airport, half an hour to Lisbon)
the train goes by the sea shore 
it’s very multicultural and international 
bringing more culture, events and interesting people and great events will be also a plus for cascais so we can establish some nice partnerships with the city  
it’s quite a peaceful place so it’s easy to focus 
In many places in Lisbon and Sintra ( very humid) and closer to Lisbon ( river ) the humidity is very high and people ( especially non locals ) get bug allergies and breathing problems 
the plan is to grow our own food,
but before we can arrange this – we would like to have some good agreements with healthy food producers , so we don’t have to buy it in supermarkets, but we can know where our food comes from
( but of course everyone is free to choose how they want to deal with this )
common meals – we do not promote common meals, we do promote getting together , but we don’t want to use the food as an excuse
( in Portugal and Latin countries food is often an excuse to spend time together, but mostly sitting and eating …  so we would like to introduce new ways of getting together )
we will try to have food available all the time and everyone can choose their own rhythm of eating, most healthy and proper for them and their lifestyle 
we would like everyone to have their own space so that we can always have a place to rest, focus, do what ever we want to in our own space,
our own space is where we set our own rules,
in common social spaces we’ll need to be respectful and mindful about other people’s ‘rules’
we would not like to have any obligatory activities, shifts, and anything of this sort
everyone is their own servant and is responsible for themselves
no common dish-washing, everyone is washing their own dishes,
unless someone wants to help, but we would not like to have even temporary servants, 
we would like everyone to be mindful about how they are using  the space and the resources
there will always be activities available, and everyone is welcome to join if they want to be social, but they are free to spend time in any other way they want to
Local Community
we’ll also connect with local communities and spaces to collaborate and invite them to our activities and in general promote friendliness and collaboration
Global Community
the same approach to global communities : )


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